Money money money money

The religious fanatics didn’t buy the republican party because it was virtuous, they bought it because it was for sale

by nupstateny

Yes, I know that both parties are for sale, but still I like this quote 🙂 Jax pointed out that Oprah had on Michael Moore along with the president of AHIP, Karen Ignagni. AHIP is the lobbying organization that represents the private insurance companies. Now, Oprah began and ended just about each segment strongly endorsing the movie Sicko. She spoke of how it opened her eyes to her own “I’ve got mine” mentality that she admitted having prior to seeing it. IOW, she has money and coverage and it’s every person for themselves. As Moore put it in the movie, it’s the classic ’80s hangover of “Me and Mine”. We have become a nation of me and we should be a nation of we. He believes that we are , at heart, much more about we that it appears right now. But, Oprah was honest enough to admit that the movie changed her way of thinking. So, clearly she is a fan of the movie and the point of the show was to debate the issue. Ms Ignagni is a very effective representative. She maintained her composure and tried to point out the areas where her organization and Michael’s agree. But, she is also rather overly polished and clearly someone you would call an industry weasel. Oh, she had all the right answers, but they came off as so so insincere! Oprah maintained her objectivity during the debating portions quite well until the very end. Then she just let Miss AHIP have it! It is so crystal clear that this all just comes down to money. And when Oprah pinned Ignagni down on that, she had no answer. It was a great debate – go to to catch some of it. My favorite part was when Oprah said “I am sick. I need a bone marrow transplant. I am not going to comparison shop to find out which hospital is having a sale on marrow transplants! I just need the transplant!” (Oprah herself is not sick, she was merely playing the part in a scenario provided by a viewer.) Good stuff.

I am probably going to dream again tonight about numbers. Part of the backlash from some audit issues resulted in me digging into one issue yesterday over a $235k entry back in 2005!! I spent so much time on it that all of my dreams had that dollar figure in them. It was funny afterwards, but disconcerting while I slept. Today I had my eyeballs glued to our bank deposit file trying to clean up unmatched items also from many months ago. I know for sure that tonight I will dream in a two column format. One column is ‘banked’, one column is ‘booked’ and I will need to keep them in sync. While flying over some hills. With someone from my childhood I have not seen in 30 years. With a dog I never had and my hair will be blond and the sky will be purple and then I will be driving down the street to the house on Wakefield Ave where I grew up and even though I know it is not our house anymore and that it is 80 miles north of where I belong it will still somehow be our house, and then Amber will be there, and SportsBoy and SP and a gal I work with and and and POOF! No wonder I wake up tired!!!!

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