Buy Brad Pitt a shower head!

OK, yes, I am sorta stealing this headline and slant from a highly recommended diary on DailyKos, but…my reader totals are waaay lower and it’s for a good cause!!

You know that you are all concerned over making sure Brad is clean. Shiny. Smelling good. Right? Personally, I have always seen Brad more as an access point to get to George Clooney who is much more my type. Because, you know, all of this is 100% going to happen!! Right?

OK, forget the celebrity gushing and let’s get serious. First of all, if you read this in time, it seems like tonight would be a good night to watch Larry King on CNN. Brad will be on talking all about this project that I am writing about. It’s called Make It Right. My charity of choice for 2008 – and for the end of 2007. I want to see those 150 home built!! Brad has adopted a portion of the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans and has a goal of building 150 new homes in the area. Modest places. Totally energy efficient/environmentally friendly homes. Places to help get the families back into the area. Bring the culture back. I know that Harry Connick has been doing similar work with Habitat for Humanity in the area as well. Anything that can be done to fill the gaps where every level of government has failed or is just too corrupt to assist is desperately needed. So click on over there and buy a light bulb for a house. Or some paint. Or a shower head 🙂 I think it is cool how you can just give a random cash donation, or that you can choose to have your donation go to a particular item in a house. Wouldn’t it be neat to watch this all come together and think “Hey, I bought the ceiling fan for that house!”

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  1. All I’m saying is, while it wouldn’t necessarily work for ME putting “Brad Pitt” and “shower” in the title might get a few hits, and if those hits lead to a couple of light bulbs or ceiling fans or kitchen cabinets GREAT!!!


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