Move, move, move!

Now, readers here just wont have that in their heads like I do. There is a dad who sometimes coaches baseball who always hollers out in his very resonating voice: “MOVE MOVE MOVE!!” when a runner needs to hustle. Consequently, this is stuck in my head and I am now prone to saying it, for instance, when a car is driving too slowly in front of (as cars do, just to irritate me personally of course!), or yell it at the tv when watching a game, or to the cats when they are underfoot (constant!). Yesterday morning when I decided to challenge myself to get OUT of bed when the alarm went off and walk for 30mins before getting ready for work, in my head I am thinking: “Move! Move! Move!” And, I did! More below.

So, those of you who also want to move move move! in 2008 – how would like to do this? Measure miles, steps or minutes walked? I certainly think we should treadmills, but what about exercise bikes or pedaling machines? (I’m probably going to get that one for myself to use on days when walking outside just could not happen) What should our goal be? Again, comment here or email me. Looks like so far I responses from shermeister, Robin, Ramblingmom, and Calvin. Anyone else?

And a bonus for those of you who clicked in. A study in contrasts. My son (the goofball) yukking it up the day they left for camp. Clearly the other boy (also of swedish descent coincidentally) was not as amused at the sight of a camera!


5 thoughts on “Move, move, move!

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  1. I think moving in and of itself is a great resolution. I also think that if we have people using a variety of movement, we need to find a way to even things out. For instance, if we have people on treadmills and people on exercise bikes, we can’t go with “miles” because the bikes get a lot more miles in. We could do “minutes” but that would only work if we didn’t want to do pedometers (people just wanting to count steps as opposed to miles or minutes).


  2. Hmm, that’s a great idea. I need to replace the battery in my pedometer (if I can find it — d’oh!) There’s also yoga, since the weather here is not always hospitable to being outside for any length of time.

    I gotta think about it — I’m not ready to commit yet. (Yeah, that’s it, I’m still sowing my wild oats… ON MY THIGHS! :P)


  3. I think counting our “movement minutes” is a good idea. That way each can join in no matter what aerobic activity moves them!


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