Blast from the past


Look what I found on this laptop! I had no idea that I had some way old pictures of Sports Boy stored electronically. I forgot that Kodak had the CD option back then for non-digital cameras and I got in the habit of ordering them. What I really want to find is a picture from kindergarten.

This morning at the drop off line, Sportsboy and his dad had stopped by to talk to me. They walk in from his dad’s house the week’s he is there. They were filling me in on how the family from Sweden missed a connecting flight out of Europe due to snow and ice and are flying currently into San Fran instead of LAX. It’s messed up the whole afternoon for Sportsboy who was going to leave early from school with his dad to head up to LA to meet the original flight. Now they are waiting to hear from them when they land in San Fran (no clue at what time at all) to see if they can fly directly into San Diego instead.

While we were chatting, the car with my favorite little girl pulled up in front of me. I think I mentioned her the first day I worked the drop off line – kindergarten girl who is just so damn adorable. She barely seems big enough to be going to school and she has one of those faces, you know? Well, Miss Adorable sometimes is very brave about hopping out and trotting off, and sometimes she is not so brave. A couple of times before she was crying as her mom pulled up, and I asked if she wanted to pull all the way forward and take a minute to get her out (as long as parents pull out of the way and don’t hold up the line, it’s just fine). But the mom I can tell is doing what I would have done too and trying to get her daughter to be brave all the time and doesn’t want to send her the message that if she cries, mommy will get out and walk her in. So I’ve let the mom know that I understand and we’ve a couple of times coaxed Miss Adorable out together and she’s walked off on her own sniffling all the way. Today though, I could see she was in more of a panic than the other days. The mom purposely pulled up and stopped in front of me even though it was kind of midway through the line because she knew I would help her. Luckily – I had SB with me. So I helped Miss Adorable out of her car in her pretty white cotton dress (think of the lacy dresses you see in Mexico) and her very colorful poncho and her sparkly barrettes in her perfectly braided hair. Her mom did hop out very quickly to hand her a backpack and kiss her goodbye and then hopped right back into her car leaving me with a crying girl. No worries. I got down to her level and asked her is she wanted a very handsome 6th grade boy to walk her to class today. She nodded her head. So I turned to SB who had been watching with great concern and he quickly agreed to walk her to the K playground. I introduced them (she’d told me her name before) and off they went with SB holding her hand. THEN, I started getting teary eyed. I looked up at the mom who thanked me profusely and drove off. So there is a picture of my big 6th grader back when he was oh so little and cute as a button like Miss Adorable. He may not look as cute anymore, but he clearly is quite adorable himself šŸ™‚

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