American Idol – the girls Round 3

 Preamble again! I giggled in sisterly pain today while reading Nance over at Dysfunction Junction when she used the term “whore-moans”. Oh yes, they are on the rise here! I have battled a sinus headache attack with excedrin, ibuprofen and Claritin D. The pain and general ickiness left around 3:00pm, but then the Claritin D crash hit. Yes, it’s a 24 hour non-drowsy drug, but the time release really impacts me hard. I’ll be alert and alive and fine and then *wham* my eyelids are anvils. It’s bad too. If I give in to shutting my eyes, even sitting at my desk, I *will* doze off!! So I drove straight home, changed clothes and flopped on the couch with the tv on and snoozed for 20 minutes to shake off the fog. Now I can guarantee you that I wont sleep well tonight because that time release thing will keep me from continuous deep sleep. Ugh. At least this time the whore-moan headache does not seem to be the 72 hour variety so I guess I will stop bitching now. On to the girls!

80s night for the gals now, which I think will not be nearly as good as the guys. How many girls will make the mistake of taking on Whitney when they should be doing Madonna or the Go Gos or Cyndi Lauper? Oh, please someone with a good voice do Pat Benatar!

Asia’h Epperson – I Wanna Dance With Somebody – The only gal (imho) who can pull off Whitney and she was smart enough to pick one of Whitney’s dance tunes. Very well done with one condition – she didn’t do anything unique with the arrangement. Something the guys were very brave to do and often pulled off last night. Great colors behind her with the pinks and purples which looks so good on her. Good enough to move on.

Kady Malloy – Who Wants To Live Forever – One of the two remaining Barbie blondies. Dang, gal is taking on Queen! Double dang, she’s not sucking. Ok, screaming a little, but actually not bad. I still don’t think she belongs in the finals though. There is just nothing unique about her. Simon is so right (isn’t he always), the girl has no spark on stage.

Amanda Overmeyer – Hate Myself for Loving You –  Ah, Joan Jett, how could I forget her in the 80s?  Perfect song choice for Amanda. Thank gawd she toned down the hair and clothes this week!! THAT was the Amanda that I love. But, I have a soft spot for the rocker!! She looked like she was having more fun this time.

Carly Smithson – I Drove All Night – Hang on, I need to stand up and clap. Holy Balls folks, this girl is amazing ok? Love her. What a voice. That performance gave me chills. Talk about hitting notes and sparkling on stage and emoting without effort. And for once, Simon is WRONG!!

Kristy Lee Cook (blondie #2) – Faithfully – Ok, that nails it – she has to go. Journey is MY BAND and the last thing I want to see is some little country gal twanging it out. Oh lord.  OK, I could see Michael Johns over there in the background singing along with her as he watches and I’d rather have HIM sing it please!! Ick Ew. Goodbye, please go home. Yes, I know I am prejudiced against the blonde country thing.

Ramiele Maluby – Take a Look At Me Now – Hey, her hair is covering the *other* side of her face tonight! She got the purple light glow thing going on too. Very well done. Gorgeous voice, great use of it with that song.  I’m always a little shocked at how big her voice is considering how teeny she is. (Um, has Paula completely lost it tonight? She was loopy last night and looks more alert tonight, but still just all over the place weird). She should move on.

Brooke White – Love is a Battlefield – Finally, some Pat Benatar! A folksy acoustic version of her. This girl knows how to take a song and arrange it perfectly for her persona and voice. No way she could pull off Benatar who is a rock singer, she had to tone it down and I think it was lovely. The one blondie I like 🙂

Syesha Mercado – Saving All My Love For You – Well, her is the expected Whitney ballad attempt. Why do they insist on this? It’s nice enough, she has a good voice, but…c’mon – it’s Whitney!! At least she didn’t butcher it. Predictable and pleasant. She should be safe.

Ok, beyond my biases…I really DO think it should be Kady and Kristy going home! We are talking about the top 12 now. The group that makes a record together and tours and moves on to the bigger stage…and those two girls are just not there. Every other girl has something truly original and interesting about them.

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  1. Oooh, you have a new blog-look, NIce! I like the header very much.

    I largely agree with your reviews of the AI girls. However, I really think Amanda is not going to last much longer b/c her singing style is not diverse. Personally, I don’t care how big Ramiele’s voice is, her hair and clothes are awful!! It’s sort of like Christian’s hair on Project Runway.


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