American Idol results and…eh!

That’s it – just eh! Nothing much to write about really. Piano is being tuned tomorrow. I played it a little just now to see if I will be able to notice a difference. It hasn’t been tuned in years, but then I haven’t played in years – how many of you think I will notice?

It’s been a rather lovely quiet week which is nice after last week. Whore-moans keeping me a little icky feeling but that’s nearly done. Hopping on a plane Sunday to the pretty lights of Las Vegas for 3 days of a work conference (and jello shooters – shhhh) so I have been rather head down and focused at work to keep things up there. So, no creative juices at the moment. Rather bored with and tired of politics for now. Will probably perk up a bit when I return.

Ok, American Idol results below for those how have not yet watched their DVRs – I predicted Kady, Kristy Lee, Luke & Chikezie..and the results were:

Luke, Danny, Kady & Asia’h. Dangit 2 for 4 again!! Um..given my 50% track record, how do I keep that up now that only ONE person gets voted per week? Will I be right every other week? Ah well. At least my 2nd choices were in the bottom two at the end so they were on the bubble. Still, I am truly shocked about Asia’h! American got it WRONG. For me it was a toss up between Danny and Chikezie anyway so that one doesn’t bug me so much. Overall though, I think it is a pretty good top 11. Kristy Lee needs to be gone next week!! But why oh why do you hate her so you might ask? Because she is, as Simon said, forgettable. And bland. And a blond barbie 😉 Trust me, put her voice on any other body/color type and she would NOT be there. Besides, she butchered Journey. MY band! They said tonight that Lionel Richie LOVED the version of “Hello” that David Cook did. Well, let tell you that if I could *just* do a better job of stalking Steve Perry who lives within 5 miles of me (I will, I will find that man!), I am 1000% certain that he would say he hated that country twang shit version of “Faithfully”. And that’s the twuth…thbthbthbthbthbth.

2 thoughts on “American Idol results and…eh!

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  1. I do not watch, so have no AI predictions. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to tune in with a prediction of my own . . . I predict you will notice the difference on the piano.


  2. I missed the results show and forgot to tape it. It’s good to know I can tune in here to find out what happened. 🙂

    I think Kristy should go, too.


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