Move 2008 Week 10 update + random stuff


Ah, the hula hoop. Making a comeback. Our summer parties at work usually include a hula hoop contest (won by me last year). I have an advantage though – I’ve always had a knack for it and now I have a 5lb weighted hoop here at home that I use as part of my exercise routine. I generally don’t mention that when I enter the contest though 🙂

Did really well with the aerobics this week. 165 mins total for a 5 day avg of 33 mins. Of course, after the 5 mile, 75 min walk yesterday I am really stiff which does not bode well for the flight to Vegas tonight!! I need to find out what stretches/exercises to do to strengthen my hips – particularly the right side which has always given me trouble. Even when I was young and dancing it was the right hip point that would get sore. This morning it is really barking at me whenever I get up from sitting even for a minute. The pedaling doesn’t cause that – it’s just walking that does it! Anyway, also had two arm routines which is, again, one shy of my goal.

Meanwhile, yes as you can tell from the pictures from my walk, spring is here. The weather has been gorgeous this weekend. Sportsboy came off his suspension with two straight 9am games Sat and today. Both were victories so he is quite happy. He had a nice hit today and yesterday he made an amazing play on defense which included a collision with a base runner nearly twice his size, but he held onto the ball for the out and bounced right back up no worse for wear. Yep, he’s ready to move up to the Pee Wee division in football! He’ll have no problem tackling, or being tackled by, the 120 pound kids even though he is only 82lbs right now! I’ve had a lovely, somewhat lazy weekend when I could take a nice long walk and also get the house in shape before I leave for a few days. Did some reading out in the sun in the backyard. Now I am watching the Padres first televised spring training game while I pack. Ah, baseball! I just love it 🙂

Still feeling a bit ‘eh’. No real creative juices flowing. It’s been a rough sinus week. Another headache hit me Friday morning and it is *still* hanging around. It will actually be nice to get away for a few days even if it is for work. I love the MGM grand – the rooms are really nice and I really love the energy of Vegas even though I don’t particularly participate in it.  Good food too. And the jello shot bar 🙂 The internet service was iffy last time, but that was 3 years ago so fingers crossed that it will be more stable this time so that I can post an update. Viva Las Vegas!

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  1. I am late on this one. Sorry. I feel like the time change (springing forward) has put me behind and I’m running around trying to catch up with everything. In truth, though, it’s pure laziness. 🙂

    I’ll post my numbers sometime today. Looks like you’re continuing to do really well. Yay you!!

    For the hips: I have trouble with my left hip (always have). Yoga works wonders for it. There’s a yoga DVD called Yoga Conditioning For Weight Loss that’s excellent for stretching the hips. Don’t let the name put you off if you’re not interested in weight loss. I have a friend who is as skinny as a rail and she likes this video for the same reason — it’s wonderful for the hips. Plus they move slowly enough that you have time to stretch and get into the pose before moving to the next one. Some of the yoga videos move so quickly through the poses that it’s hard to keep up.


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