Las Vegas is in all caps because I am trying to override something else in my brain. You see, there was a group of school aged kids on the airplane last night. Going home from a field trip. We were landing at night which is always the best as you can see all the garish lights of the strip. As we descended into those lights, the entire group of kids started singing: “Viva Viagra!” Aaaaack!! Sure, I laughed at first, but it was a tad odd coming out of those 10 year old voices. Then it became downright annoying when my stupid brain could not let go of the tune!!! Argh. Stupid commercials.

Anyway, yes, I am here:


I took that picture with my phone during a break in this morning’s session. Yes, I have to walk quite a long way to get from my room in the West Wing to the conference center! Wish I had invested in a pedometer because I could track that walking for Move 08! I got in around 9 last night and had an 8:30 session but now I have the afternoon free until the opening reception so I am enjoying some time in my room which is tres funky!


Do you see that little rectangle in the mirror just to the right of the round pull pull away mirror? That’s a TV screen! It shows what is on the main tv which is on the opposite side of the wall. So this morning while getting ready, I could keep watching the CNN morning show. Very cool. The mirror behind the hanging towels is the shower door – and what a shower! I may be taking two showers a day just to take advantage. Check it out:


This picture doesn’t do it justice, but this shower is HUGE. And it has that little hand held nozzle over there to the left. Oh heavenly! Plus, a king sized bed with oodles of pillows:


It’s all very gray and glass with red leather accents – modern funky I would call it. Too small if more than one person was in here though. The rooms in the main tower are much more spacious. I stayed in one of those the last time this conference was here and it was kind of a waste of space so this is more efficient with many of the same luxuries and even a couple new ones. Plus, internet connection here is a thousand times better than it was three years ago. Super fast wireless in the room which does cost extra (always boggles my mind why the Big Time hotels charge, but the basic ones provide it for free!). No, I have not been to the jello shooter bar yet 🙂

6 thoughts on “Viva LAS VEGAS

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  1. Stay away from the Texas Hold ’em table by the elevator… I’ve seen many good men die at that table.

    Wander over and visit us when ya can!


  2. OOOH, Adventure Guy and I are planning a Vegas trip in June while the kids are at camp. We’ve stayed at MGM before, and I loved it. Thanks for the advice on the room sizes. I must have stayed in the larger rooms last time because I don’t remember space being an issue. Have fun!


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