Back on the political track

An update on this hellish week at work is forthcoming as private post so as to protect the innocent. But as my brain breaks free from the knots it was in, I share this fantastic response to the now infamous Hillary Clinton 3am ad which probably got more airplay for FREE thanks to political news shows than it did as a paid ad. I sure would love to see this one get the same kind of free circulation:

2 thoughts on “Back on the political track

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  1. I LOVE IT! Thank you so much for posting this. I saw this young woman interviewed on one of the morning talk shows. She hadn’t yet recorded her response. Brava, Katie.


  2. Interesting…I wonder if, since she was probably paid for the original ad, if there was any backlash. It’s kinda like the Verizon guy doing a Sprint commercial. (ok…but on a different level)

    I am suprised I haven’t seen this clip in the media. It should be there.

    Thanks for sharing!!


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