Today was the Spring 08 Miracle League Opening Day. I signed SportsBoy up knowing he could only be there for a few of the games, but also knowing that the league allowed that and they try to get buddies per team so that there is always one per player. First day and we of course could not stay for the Giants first game or even for team pictures. But, we could go for buddy orientation and to meet the coach and get the buddy t-shirt. A few of the players did start to drift in just before we left, but since SportsBoy knew he was not going to buddy up with anyone today, he allowed himself to be distracted by something else (bearing in mind that his electronic restriction continues until we get a report of higher grades, right?):



I am sure he will make a great buddy in a couple of weeks – as long as there are no game boys around. Sheesh.

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  1. My daughter is saving up for a Nintento DS

    I keep hoping she’ll get distracted and spend her money on something else before she gets there. She’s not the same when she’s buried in a video game


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