Move 2008 – Week 12 update


Back on the moving track! Aerobics fell short – only 2 pedal workouts totaling 60 mins. However, my full body toning workouts went very well. I used the hula hoop twice and the arms weights three times and the last two I really nailed the routine. I pretty much duplicated the kinds of movements that I would do on the machines at Curves which is when I felt my arms were at their best. Clearly I did something right because I can feel every front/back/upper/lower muscle in my arms. Shoulders too. They are not painful – it’s more of a really good soreness that comes from a good workout vs over use. I’m actually looking forward to doing it again tonight!

I think for the pedaling though that I may need to switch out my standard cable box upstairs and get another DVR. That way I can use that machine while laying down on my back with it propped up on the wall and watch recorded shows up there. The prone position seems to be the one which gives me the best workout and which is the easiest on my hips and knees. Right now I only have a DVR downstairs and so yesterday as I caught up on all my shows, I felt like I was wasting time! Horrible huh?

I brought a lot of work home this weekend which will probably be the routine until I get fully comfortable with the tasks and then train someone else to do them. Meanwhile I also have a stack of papers to fill out to enroll Sportsboy in middle school. Seems like 2008 is a year of change already – beyond even the ones we knew were coming! Which reminds me that I should do a quarter one review of my resolutions next weekend. Which reminds me of something really awesome – just 8 more days until the Padres home openener!!!!!!!!!!

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