Still breathing


720 lines, 720 forms. Piles everywhere. Match up and sort and match again.

5 years and 4000 lost.

Trying to make sense of it all.

Take notes, try to identify and prioritize and then SIMPLIFY.

Why doesn’t she just step aside and end this fighting?

Need more time.

But LL games and board meetings and middle school forms and….

Budgets due. Performance evals due too? Oh, that’s some kinda irony. Well, at least I only have to prepare 2.

Too many meetings!

Dee wants AI write up..can’t watch tonight..writeup tomorrow night from DVR. A welcome break from the above.

Such is the state of my brain today. Is it Friday yet?

3 thoughts on “Still breathing

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  1. No, I want my AI write up now! Along with my goose that lays golden eggs.

    Sorry life is hitting you in the face right now. It comes in hailstorms, doesn’t it? It’ll ease up soon.


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