There is my pile ‘o dinners for the month. 9 different dishes with 3-6 servings of each. It was fun last night! I arrived at Dream Dinners right at 7:00. It was a pretty small place so I can see why they only allow 12 at a time in there. You pick up your pre-ordered dinner list, drop off your purse (no cell phones allowed!) in a cabinet, grab an apron, wash your hands, put on gloves if you want, grab freezer bags and start working. Each ‘station’ has the recipe and all the ingerdients for particular dishes. Dry ingredients on the top shelf, wet on the surface. They have measuring cups/spoons/scoops right there at hand. You finish up your packets, put them in a gallon sized bag, put your label with cooking instructions on it and then store it on a shelf in their grovery store style refrigerator. There are also some items that er pre-packaged (those are called Fast Lane meals) and one of mine was like that. So I put together 8 dishes in right about an hour. While I was there, they cooked up one of the dishes and you could sample it – Hawaain Chicken – it was delicious! And it was one I had chosen so I look forward to making that one! Heck, its going to be fun eating all of these since they are meals I would never have put together otherwise. Too much prep time which is not all done! All I have to do is mix everything together and bake/grill/broil or saute. Most will require only 20-30 mins cooking time which is about how long I am able to do. Only, instead of really really basic dishes, I will be serving some really fun stuff. the cool part is that since you put the ingerdients together yourself, if there is something that you don’t like (such as chopped red peppers which seemed to be in half my dishes!), you can back off or eliminate them entirely. So, we will see as I cook each one up. Given that it’s Food Month, you know I will report back here 🙂


SportsBoy finally called me yesterday at work. He argued that he normally on calls every 5 days or so. I reminded him that he has an email account now! Of course, I can tell he is not yet into that. He joined the August kids list and then promptly got overwhelmed by the volume and then really doesn’t seem to get into communicating that way. I have a feeling that goes back to him pretty much hating to write. Anyway, I told him that he should at least *read* his messages because I will send him pictures of the cats – THAT might get him to check in 🙂 So far, he seems to be in his usual routine of computer games and 2 hour soccer matches after dinner, then more computer games. They have nto gone out kayaking yet because the one day they were set to do that, thunderstorms rolled in. Unfortunately the early summer in Sweden is often quite wet like that.

Picnic day today at work. Just one more hour to go! Back to some rather dreaded phone calls to people who were over paid on the most recent grant payroll. Ick.

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  1. We have a new business in our town with a similar concept. I may give them a try! I am still trying to figure out a plan to ship my kids out of the country so that I don’t have to hear “I don’t like this!”

    🙂 Now you know why I am doing this in July 🙂


  2. That’s what I do when I make my “Freezer meals”….I find recipes similar to those do-it-yourself places except I do it ALL myself, and it takes a lot longer than an hour. Then again, I also usually make more than 8 meals and its a lot cheaper. Its kind of fun, and nice having my freezer stocked.

    Yep. This is all about time for me. If I even had the luxury of one full day per month to plan out recipes, buy ingredients, then do all of the chopping etc, THEN put the meals all together, well, I would do it! I see this as a compromise and this time around I also did just the bare minimum of 36 servings since it’s a trial month. If it’s a hit with everyone, then I will probably spend closer to two hours once a month putting together 50+ servings. Especially in the fall with football season coming up, I think this will be great.


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