Dinner #1 – Yum!

**Note – This Week in Politics will appear on Saturday this week. Happy 4th! Happy Independence Day!

Stir Fry Chicken with cashews. The dinner included the chicken, veggies, cashews, chow mein noodles and sauce. I added the rice. This took me 20 mins to cook. This is the first dish I put together and I actually used one of their measuring cups incorrectly so the sauce is a little more…um…powefully flavored shall we say? It’s really good though. Fresh ground ginger and chopped garlic had been mixed in with the veggies so has really saturated them nicely. The sauce is light even with my poor measuring skills and is just perhaps spicier than it should have been (which SP will love). If I made this to feed SportsBoy, I would have to set aside his serving before adding the sauce because I doubt he would like it even with the proper blend. But he would like everything else for sure.


Happy Fourth of July!! For once, we have something to do and are driving up with another couple who I know from work to a place on the beach in San Clemente. A nice gathering with access to the sand and water and a great view of fireworks. Not bad for us – we usually putter, do yard work, maybe see a movie and then sleep through the fireworks!! Hey, I did the beach routine for several years and fought the crowds there and at the county fair. I did it, glad I did, dont need to do it again. Stay safe and have fun!

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  1. Looks yummy! My favorite local place to do prepared dinners just closed, so I need to try out the Pass Your Plate franchise. It’s so nice to come home and know that a meal is just minutes away from being ready.


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