Even more pictures – Al Gore in the house!

Apologies for being so picture heavy, but that is all I have the energy for at the moment. I suffered from some tummy upset last night (turns our rum is not my friend) so I am really wiped out at the moment. Thankfully the rumor went around that Nancy Pelosi was bringing a special guest..and who it was..so I was able to cut the night short. I even managed to hop out of bed quickly and get us some breakfast before we made our way to tables cleverly saved my Brilling right up front. As you can see, I got the hang of the lighting a tad better! I twittered this, but need to repeat it – it is ever so fabulous to listen to leaders who can speak intelligently, off script, and respond to questions articulately and convincingly. While the first half was run with previously selected questions, with then some follow out by the moderators with Speaker Pelosi, once Al Gore came out, it became rapid fire 4 at a time one sentence questions from the audience which both of then handled very well. nacny’s were more ‘political’ in nature, frequently circling back to partisan talking points, but Al’s were much more real.

Anyhoo, this morning alone was worth the price of this trip!

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