This Week In Politics – Netroots Nation Day 2!

Heh – had a pretty good built in topic this week huh? My pictures are fewer and a bit worse and we switched to a day full of panel discussions and I have not quite gotten the hang of this camera indoors. Especially under the lighting conditions presented in ball rooms and conference rooms and sports bars. Ugh. Anyway, presenting the Friday gallery:

My time is limited, but here are the sessions I attended:

Energize America, An Interview with Don Sielgleman by Sam Seder, the lunchtime debate between Markos and Harold Ford Jr, a discussion on the evolution/devolution of the traditional media and the blogosphere, and then a panel on corportate manipulation of tort reform (no picture from that one). I basically sat in one room, at one table right up front, from the second panel onwards. After the last one I walked across the street to a sports bar for the Pub Quiz event which is a bunch of teams of utter political geeks answering trivia questions. Last year I attended as a spectator only and had a lot of fun laughing at the antics of the teams (and also getting depressed over how little I knew). This year, one of my partners in spectator crime from last year roped me into being on an actual team. And…we were as pathetic as we were last year!! But it was just as much fun  – though, moon shots 😉 There were actually a couple of sports related questions which I was, of course, able to answer so I did not feel like a complete moron.

I am writing this ahead to ensure a post for the day so it’s still just 7:15 and time to change clothes and move on to one planned party event and then, I think, more gay bar crawling – I’ve seriously developed a posse here!! And, I love it. ‘Fess up girls – you know its a blast to go out with guys who will not every hit on you, right? Plus, they can dance!! Check my Twitter sidebar for blasts from the night out. I’m not bothering with the camera anymore today.

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