Middle School begins

Heading out to walk to school. He had to get there at 7:45 to pick up his schedule. The rest of the time first bell is not until 8:25 so we can relax a little more. Sweet Prince told me he remembers being so nervous the night before school started, especially at this age. I think SportsBoy was a bit nervous because he took about 5 bites of his cereal and then said he wasn’t all that hungry 🙂 He did sleep though thanks to the Saturday sleep over when he essentially did not sleep! He was wiped out when he went to bed last night. Sheer brilliance on the part of the school IMHO – today is also picture day! The kids are there early, in their new clothes (except for mine of course!) and excited about the new year. Yes, I really did deprive my child of new school clothes. No reason to – he doesn’t grow! We cleaned out his clothes and he still has plenty to start out the year that fits. Plus, he’s a boy. Thank heavens.

We walked up, met his best friend out front, and they went in and got their schedules. No classes together, but at least they didn’t seem too bummed about that. They were more concerned about getting out the map of the campus and figuring out how to get to their first period classes! I left them there with instructions to SB to text me when he starts walking home and then to call me at work when he gets there.

While I was waiting for the boys to come out with their schedules, I watched the wave of 1400 kids troop in and out of the auditorium. Girls squeeled as they greated each other with exaggerated hugs. Boys huddled over here in their own much quieter huddle trying to look cool and confident. Oh my! One 8th grade boy was 6 feet tall! Boys with crackly voices. Girls with makeup and…boobs!! Ack! Cell phones flipping open with flair as they tried to find each other. (the rule is they go off at first bell and can come back on at last bell and any found ‘on’ during the day will be confiscated so the kids use them like mad until that first bell obviously.) A very different scene from the last 7 years.  OTOH, I laughed out loud as I watched the assistant principle standing at the drop off line, waving his arm and yelling “PULL FORWARD! PULL FORWARD!” as one minivan stubbornly ignored him and stopped several car lenghts short to drop off their load of kids. He just shook his head and I laughed and told him how I had done that last year at the elementary school and that it was clear some parents NEVER learn!! He said that morning drop off is his most frustrating part of the day which when you consider he deals with these 1400 middle schoolers…well…that’s just pathetic! When our generation wonders why “kids these days” have a sense of entitlement – look in the mirror parents, look in that mirror.

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  1. I can’t look in the mirror honey — while I’m ignoring the assistant principal while I’m changing my satellite radio dial while I’m making an appointment for a manicure and pedicure and massage :}.


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