Two things I love right now!

Well, there are three actually, but I already wrote about the Middle School online grade page 🙂

Are you a fan of Grey’s Anatomy? Looking forward to the 2 hour premier tonight? You MUST bookmark this page: Grey Matter – written by the writers of each episode, sometimes by Shonda Rhimes (creator of the show) herself. Provides great insight into just what the devil they are thinking when they put the characters through those story lines. Read the two posts by Shonda on the finale of Season 4. It explains so much about how this show is developed. I just love the behind the scenes look into this show. Given that I am often *this close* to removing the show from my DVR because I am supremely annoyed by something, I credit Grey Matter for keeping me tuned in. For making some sense out of scenes that at the time made NO sense to me. I’m already nervous about rumored story lines! For now, it still holds a slot on my DVR – we’ll see how long that lasts.

Bluetooth! Yeah, I know. Just a few short months ago I would have been with the masses in veiwing people with the blue tooth in their ear as way too presumptious and full of themselves. Or, laugh at them as someone who looks utterly insanse talking and gesturing into the air with no one around. Then, CA made it the law to have an ear piece while driving. So I had to at least get used to it. And, boy, did I! Talking without losing feeling in your arm or doing that awkward holding it on your shoulder thing (which is absolutely impossible with a cell phone anyway). I’ve had a couple of long, catching up conversations with friends while using the blue tooth. Because I could keep cooking dinner. Or pulling weeds in my yard. Or doing the dishes or…well, you get it. That whole ADD, gotta multi task thing. But hey, that is encouraging real life connections, right? At least I’m talking to people instead of just email or texting! Sometimes anyway 😉

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