This Week In Politics – Suspended?

I know, I said I wasn’t going to do appointment blog topics. But then, I found out that when you declare that you will stop doing something, like oh…campaigning for instance…if you declare that you are suspending don’t *really* have to DO it!! In fact, all you really have to do is just not make appearances yourself (other than one or two) and let your surrogates do all your talking for you! It’s awesome. So, following along with a certain Presidential candidate, I will pass on opining about the bailout issue myself and send you all to read Greeblemonkey’s version of it. Which, other than the hysterical suggestion by her DH which I did not think of myself, is pretty much spot on with how I feel about things this week.

For the record, IF McCain actually HAD suspended campaigning then I could have potentially agreed with this editorial by a local San Diego writer.  Unfortunately I think Mr Navarrette wrote that just after reading the McCain press release about the suspension, not after seeing if reality would match the announcement. Instead, I end up agreeing more closely with Mike Huckabee!! (yeah, I’m quite freaked out by that statement myself).

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