New levels of exhaustion

As I said last weekend, just because the football team has a bye does not mean we sit on our butts this weekend. Oh no. Instead, we drive out to our second home (Temecula, which is 50 miles north east of here) and play in a baseball tournament. First game the team is playing since it formed ealier this month. Expectations were not terribly high at least from my perspective as we always start out slow. Sure enough, two games, two losses. Good games though and SportsBoy in particular had a lot of fun in Game 2 since he played second base the whole time. He had a key sacrifice bunt and beat out an infield single. Then, his last at bat he flew out to left – and flung his helmet into the dugout. Not good. Coach pulled him aside quickly and talked with him and when the game ended he had his serious boo boo face going on. Teary eyed, lip down on his knees – just a mess. Coach has pulled him from tomorrow’s game. Told him to be there in case of injury, but to be ready to simply be a cheerleader because he lost his chance to play with that stunt. Yay coach! I asked him if throwing the helmet in anger was worth it – he said no. Ah lovely. We made our way home briefly to change and then off to the high school football field where I had to do my Board Member duties and help them close down from today’s pop warner games. It’s 9:15pm and I am so damn tired. Legs hurt from tons of walking and then dragging easy up shades. And what time is the game tomorrow? Well, thanks to losing both today we get the dreaded 8am start. 50 miles away. Team needs to arrive by 7:15. That means we will be up way too freaking early. Bleah!

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