Shapes and colors, part 2

More traditional photos of the house with a few explanations of what I was thinking or seeing in my mind as I painted:

But first, some mis-direction! No paint visible up there. Thought I would start out with a shot of where I am sitting right now. I opened the last post on this topic talking about the shifting of the coffee table. The height of this chair is much better for my arms and I can stack the pillows around better to support my back. Then when I am done with the laptop, I can sink back into the chair and watch tv. And look up above to see this really cool wall:

My dark chocolate accent wall – hanging there over the living room adding some funky style and warmth to the high ceilings. I also used that deep color on the two entry way walls:

The color with the dark chocolate is one that I call butter (you noticing the food theme here, it will continue 🙂 ) Oh, nice dust orb in that photo. Yeah, please ignore the dusty surfaces. I took these photos on a whim the other night and they are really showing you what happens when your kid plays two sports and you volunteer on two boards and..achoo! Moving along, the butter is the main color in the living area. One of the few colors used on more than two walls anywhere actually so I guess it is the dominant color in the house. Here it is on one side of the bridge that overlooks the entryway and living room (which is where I was when I took those top two pictures):

Ooh – a story about my chair and its matching love seat:

The set was originally owned by an NFL player! William Roaf of the KC Chiefs and NO Saints. #77 – big offensive lineman. A past girlfriend of his is friends with SP’s sister and when she was tired of this set in her house, I got it. The timing was perfect as it was available just as I was moving in. Kinda fun for a family so darn into sports! Back to the paint – two more cool wall shapes that I highlighted with color on the stairway. Some dark chocolate and milk chocolate do the trick:

The picture on the right also shows the paprika red accent wall that goes two stories up behind the staircase and is the first thing seen upon coming through the front door. The photo on the left shows two wall areas that I specifically visualized as I sat back in my dining area and looked through the kitchen. I completely saw red going into a soft brown with the dark brown accents. The dining area was the first one I painted actually. It’s one of the few without a high ceiling and is tucked into the darkest corner as far as natural light goes. So I punched it up with a really fun orange. Egg yolk? Canteloupe? Shoot, I don’t remember the food reference for this one!

In my room it is no surprise that I used my personal soothing color – purple! I already had the bed frame and I knew exactly what I wanted the wall behind it to look like:

That plum is blended with the butter from the living area  – two walls each. Those open into my bathroom dressing area and I used more orange in there. Had to have that purple next to orange at least in one place! Ok, one last random shot of spot in the house that I love to look at:

The flash is too overbearing here, muting the orange in the dining room, but I love the trim on the baseboard against the orange, transitioning to the floor which I still love love love so much, alongside the dining area rug with it’s beautiful colors in range of the rest of the house. It was an accidental visual created by just the right placement of things and I love it.

So, do you have a place in your house like that? Is there some place you can sit and just look around and feel totally at peace? Something you walk past and think “you know, that is really beautiful”. In the course of getting to decorate I learned that coming home to a place that visually soothes you is so important. I can feel completely relaxed and at peace here. Which is maybe why I am perfectly happy taken a week off from work just to be here. To tend to this place. To just be in it. Heh – what was my dominant sense again? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Shapes and colors, part 2

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  1. Beautiful colors. Love the yellow (I think you called it cantaloupe), it looks like the same color in one of our rooms.

    The rest of the house is pretty much all the same neutral color. I like the kitchen best because it has more textures, stone backsplash, granite countertops, stainless appliances. The rest of the house just seems sort of bare.


  2. Oddly, I didn’t take any kitchen photos the other night, but it’s another room I am happy with for the reasons you listed. Wood floors, stainless steal appliances, granite counters and where the wall can be see, that same yellow/orange paint color.


  3. I long to feel at peace in my space, but it is exceedingly small, which leads to clutter, which leads to the opposite of peace. Your home is lovely.


  4. The terra cotta color is really gorgeous.

    In my house, I have mostly creamy walls with a couple of accents. One is a light green, almost celery. In my sitting/reading room, I have a very light blue, soothing. This house is built in 1959ish and has plaster walls that feel organic and have a gorgeous sheen. Lots of wood–birch, oak, maple–and so the warm colors are nice, and that’s partly why I didn’t use too much color. It might have ended up being a bit chaotic.


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