Regular season champs again! #55 was very happy because he had an interception when the other team faked a punt and then passed instead. Next up is the first round of playoff on Nov 1st against the same team we beat today, though on our home field since we are the #1 seeds (we had to travel today though it was not far).

Normally I could begin talking about Florida and the Pop Warner Super Bowl event like last year, but it just works out that there is always one level that is *excluded* from Florida and this year it is ours. I guess they have to limit participation. Anyhow, there is still a lot of to accomplish since they need to defend their Conference title and they never did win the Wescon Title last year! Apparently there are some bowl events on the west coast that they can participate in after. We’ll see. Meanwhile they have another by week to prepare for the playoffs which makes my life much easier!

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  1. Congratulations on a successful season. I’m afraid our boys didn’t make the playoffs this year.

    And the likes of them seeing any sort of pop warner super bowl in their lifetime is NIL.


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