Losing my mind – again


Didn’t I say that I hated appointment blogging? Right? I even avoided/resisted NaBloPoMo this year just for that reason, even though I had loved the new sites I found from participating last year. Quite frankly though, I’ve too damn many blogs in my google reader as it is, the last thing I needed was to add more. IOW, there are TWO solid reasons NOT to participate in some crazy blog every day challenge within a social circle that entices you to check out other places. Apparently, I need at least THREE good reasons and whereas last month I was still way too busy to consider anything like this, well, I had to admit that my time has loosened up just slightly. And despite the many blogs I already peruse, I am always excited to find new ones. Oh, and I officially blame Kitty for dragging me into this. OTOH, I also officially THANK Kitty for this fabulous post with her introduction and advice on participating in Holidailies.

Now the first thing I have to do to get through the weekend when I will be away from the internet is pile up some posts (like this one). We have a baseball tournament of course. A way-the-hell-out-there one which means a hotel stay and I am not lugging the laptop and paying $10 for the internet. Thankfully though, that is the only obstacle this month.  Should be fun 🙂

2 thoughts on “Losing my mind – again

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  1. I’m not one to say you’re crazy. I actually had forgotten about holidailies as I didn’t do it last year. Ugh! Hang in there toots!!

    I’m behind on my google reader too…but I’m still checking in. 🙂


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