My letter to Santa


This is a Holidailies prompt from a couple of days ago, but I’ve decided to make my own rules (shocking isn’t it?) and use promts as I need them even if they are late. I do promise not to jump ahead 🙂

Dear Santa,

How are things up there? I know, you are swamped. I should never complain when I am feeling over burdened because I know *nothing* about it compared to your life this time of year. I feel ya. Anyhow, let me add to the pile eh?

  1. Please grant the youngest the ability to care about school work. You know, to actually take it all seriously and not blow off assignments he doesn’t like. To not be afraid to ask for help either from us or his teachers. To pull it all together quickly so he doesn’t have to take summer school to make up a failed class.
  2. Please give the oldest the focus to follow through on what needs to be done to move out. It’s time. He needs to fly-be-free and get his life moving on his own. And I need a guest bedroom/office.
  3. Please give my man the job he wants. Also get that damn Pasadena house done and rented out! I’d like to have our weekends back.
  4. The only thing I would like is kind of the same focus the oldest needs to keep myself smart financially and be able to travel to Pittsburgh to see my crazy liberal buddies and to DC/Philly to see the August Moms.
  5. Oh yeah, and World Peace of course 😉

Thanks so much. I’ll leave a bottle of Grey Goose out for ya – guranteed to keep you warm and your cheeks rosy through the night!

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