It’s over!


Taken with the zoom function on my Blackberry @ about 4:45pm as we were setting up for the Silent Auction party to benefit Sports Boy’s baseball club (yeah, the one that won that epic 14 inning game) I love how the water is just so calm and catches the reflections of the clouds – driving down there I knew it would be spectacular.

This event is one of my favorites each year. Part of the holidays for me at this point to be honest. Yeah, it’s work leading up to it, but it’s always a ton of fun since the families on this club are just the best. Now, continuing the honesty, our team in particular rocks the house! Two of the families pretty much put this all together. I pitched in a skosh, but not nearly as much as them to set it all up. We were all exchanging emails Tuesday morning talking about how worried we were about whether it was all going to come together as we hoped. We’d been up at 4am thinking about it! But, as always, enough things fell into place at the last minute to call it a success. Besides, forgetting the money made for the club, it was a party! And given the enthusiasm showed by our team, and the game the boys had played on Sunday, for many of us it was an opportunity to re-hash everything! I talked to every other parent on the team and the 3 coaches and got *their* feeling for what unfolded and it was so amazing to put all those stories and viewpoints together with the one I shared. Seriously, that game dominated conversation if more than two of us were together at any time! But it was also great to meet other families in the league who I only knew through email. The most fun though, was giving away the raffle money. One woman literally started crying over winning one of the $1000 giveaways. Which is why we did it that way this year. The economy sucks, bidding on things was going to be hard to get going even in our rather affluent community, and we knew that the opportunity to win cold hard cash would be quite the draw. So seeing the look on the one mom’s face when she knew she had won? Worth all the sleeplessness and worry and work!!

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  1. What a gorgeous picture!

    I know what you mean about your event being a highlight of the holiday season. For many years (about 13) my kids’ elementary school had a Santa Shoppe. It was a lot of work. I chaired it a few years and it took starting work on it in the summer to pull it off by Christmas. Back breaking work the last couple of weeks, getting everything unloaded, wrapped, sorted, and stored then the set up. When it was all over, I was more than exhausted but it was a good feeling. It was all for the kids and we had pulled it off. That made it all worth it. I’ll have to blog about it!


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