I forgot my own blogiversary!


Would somebody please help me remember that 12/10 is my blog anniversary? Thanks. Sheesh.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane shall we? A review of day 1 – Dec 10, 2005. In a different location back then. Blogspot hosted and shared just with August moms and a few C&J folks.

  1. Is This Thing On? – oh, that was original!
  2. Where I love to be – previewing a still dominant topic three years later – busy with baseball club stuff for SportsBoy & talking about my beloved Torrey Pines – the original blog name was Torrey Pines Reflections.
  3. Me in my other favorite spot – oh holy balls!! Look at those glasses! Obviously taken pre-surgery. Sporting the DailyKos Mojo 4.0 shirt while standing on the back of a cruise ship on the cruise to Mexico that SP and I took in the fall of 2005.

How funny that I started day one with three posts and yet I struggle with daily writing assignments now!

However, here is something that will make Amuirin happy – three years into this and I will now admit to being a writer. Sure, I am a bloggy-type writer, but she is right, I should not short change myself about it. Yes, historically I hated writing. In school it was the bane of my existance (yeah, I get SB’s loathing of it quite well). Yet I also can point to two papers that I wrote that were were not too bad. One written senior year of high school for English class in one of those all-nighter situations where in the middle of the performing arts tour I had to read a book and write and essay. I had to get it done so fast that I didn’t have time to overthink it and psyche myself out and apparently the thoughts thrown together that night were pretty good. It was a teacher who I loved and really wanted to impress, but who also intimidated me with his own intellect and razor sharp wit. I had him sophomore and senior year and that paper was only full A I ever earned from him. The other paper I still have! Freshman year at UCSD taking an earth science class and I wrote a paper on the book Silent Spring by Rachel Carlson. I think that was my first taste of writing on a topic I was passionate about. It was a newly discovered passion inspired by the book itself and my own early love of birding and hiking. Got an A on that one too šŸ™‚ Still, those experiences were not enough to make me change my opinion of writing in general. I am a reader though, and what blogging brought to me was a world of very very talented writers. Like, all of those folks on my sidebar. And I know that I have picked up tidbits from each of them along with a new eye towards everyday events which could potentially become blog topics. Or Twitter fodder if I can nail it in 140 characters or less šŸ™‚ If I combine that with a passion – like the baseball game post below, or the football game post from last year,Ā  then I do end up writing pieces that are good.

So thank you to those who have been here supporting me form the beginning. Thank you to the people who I have met along the way who are now a part of my daily visits. Thank you for your voices which have helped to shape mine. Thank you for your comments and encouragement and inspiration.

3 thoughts on “I forgot my own blogiversary!

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  1. *grins* very happy to hear you admit to your writerness. It does have unexpected rewards, this blog journey.

    btw, big fan of Rachel Carson here. I actually wrote about her in a blog post, months ago, and my daughter recently chose to do her school report on Miss Carson. Silent Spring was ground breaking, and I fell in love with her posthumous book, ‘The Sense of Wonder’.

    She was a very brave woman, and a pioneer in her own right.


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