Grandma in the (White) House!


Yeah, I can’t help it. I am following the personal details of the Obama family attempting to settle into life in DC. Hey, it’s the first time in MY generation that I am following all this with a young family going in. Shoot, a family with kids younger than my own! Ooof. At least Barack and Michelle are (barely) older than me! Today it was announced that Michelle’s mom, Marian Robinson will be moving into the White House with the family, at least initially. I love that. A First Grandma!


If you pay attention to my Twitters, you know that this week has been draining. It was so hard to get back into work, but then it had to be month end. Very taxing on a vacation mushy brain. On top of that, there was a football board meeting  and baseball club tasks. Let’s jump back in with both feet thigh deep shall we? The good news though, is that there is an end to those two! Yes, this is really the last full season of football for me and the wheels are finally in motion to relieve me of the baseball club duties sometime this year. WaHOO!  I always say that I can endure anything as long as I know there is a certain end to it. That’s how I got through childbirth and this year’s Padres season anyway 🙂

Oh, I shouldn’t have thought of the Padres. Then I think of #51 Trevor Hoffman, the Hell’s Bell’s closer for the past 16 years..gone to the Brewers. Ouch. I fear that this coming baseball season will be even harder to watch than the last!

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  1. I think it’s cool, too, that there will be a First Grandma in the White House. And speaking of stress, having extended family around to help out with the kids and anything else—that to me is heaven.


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