Sunday, lazy Sunday

Not totally of course as I did already go to the grocery and run the dishwasher and wheel the trashcans out front, BUT, other than perhaps a load of laundry or two, this is pretty much my plan for the day:


Who am I kidding?! I’m too nervous!!! I’m going to twist pillows and chew fingers and pull hair and do a lot of screaming starting at 1:45pm PST. GO CHARGERS! Show us your lightning bolt!!!


Update: CRAP!!!! Well, I guess the pre-December version of the Chargers was bound to show up at some point. Whatever. Consolling myself with silly movies, good music and my kitties.

7 thoughts on “Sunday, lazy Sunday

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  1. As a Steeler fan (sorry, but I live in PA), I feel a bit sorry for your loss. Now we have to host the Ravens. I am way nervous about that one. I never watch a game with anyone but my husband. However our youngest sons roomates, wanted to come over for the game against the Chargers. One is a huge Charger fan, the other a Steeler fan. We had a good time & made chicken and dumplings for all. Also, you made it to the play off games. You can still be proud of that! D


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