De-Lurking Day – Time to come out of the closet!


Thanks to Greeblemonkey for designing this very cute badge and for spreading the word about delurking day ’09! So, come out come out wherever you are!! Click that little comment link at the bottom of the post and say hello. You don’t need to create an account – in the true spirit of exposure I’ve turned off all commenting rules 🙂 Of course I would love a little *hint* as to who you are and/or how you found me. Facebook? Twitter? Someone elses blog roll? Random blog surfing? Considering that I was going to write this week about how much fun I have chatting with my internet family every day, I think this is a great way to start. If you have a blog, put up a Delurking ’09  post of your own and see if you can rustle up your own readers.

So, come on in. Introduce yourself. Take off your coat. Have a seat. But do watch out for the cat hair should not have anything on under that coat 🙂

16 thoughts on “De-Lurking Day – Time to come out of the closet!

Add yours

  1. I think you found me first, actually. Glad you did b/c it led me here!

    Yes, I found you through Maggie – who I think was the link to at least 5 new favorite sites for me last year!


  2. I don’t remember how I found you, but I’m glad I did.
    Um, how long do I have to sit here in my coat with nothing else on? I’m a little bit chilly… the cat hair helps.

    I think that you and I landed in a common circle of blog friends and one of us finally followed a comment link and dropped a greeting. Now I am hooked on your site and all it’s messages of gratitude 🙂


  3. Let’s see…I think I found you through amuirin, the font of all (or most) of my fellow blogroll-ers. And it was during the start of the election season when I first came here, and I liked finding a fellow traveler.


  4. I see there is someone else with my name here! Neat. It’s not too common.

    I found you through, maybe, Bibliomom. I think that’s who on national blog commenting day. I think. Wow! I can’t even remember but I think that’s it.

    I know I saw you as a commenter on LazyBuddhist’s site and then also on Amuirin’s & Bibliomom’s. Anyway, once I see someone repeat across the same blog circle I am in, I figure you must be a kindred spirit and I’ll check you out 🙂 Met lots of great new blog friends that way.


  5. Hello there, I’m out of delurking mode. I’m one of the wsm friends of mll so enjoy reading your blog. I’d say check mine out but I tend to forget about it and not post too much.


  6. Is there a Post-Delurking Day? Happy Post-Delurking Day! 🙂 I missed the boat on this one.

    I think you found me through Marcia at Are We There Yet. I’m glad we have hung in there together.


  7. I tried to delurk yesterday and was foiled by crazy software issues (mine, not yours)–but here I am, and thanks to Alto for sending me your way!!


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