Unanticipated expertise at your service

Teensy background before I share this text conversation I am having with DS1. He’s had a few…er…’challenges’ in relation to keeping his driver’s license legal thanks to a DUI. Basically, since he earned his license at the age of nearly 17..and he’s now 23…he’s been legal for, oh….2 of those years? And not legal at all since the summer of 2005. Now, living in So Cal means there is NO other way to travel other than by car, especially in our neighborhood where even the bus lines is disconnected from anything useful. The inability to fullfill his probation requirements to get his license back has often been a product of a very failure driven flawed system in this state. It’s nearly impossible to work to earn the money to pay the fines and fees for the dui classes, and GO to the dui classes (only 2 locations within 25 miles of us) and NOT drive a car! Also through no fault of his own, items he finished properly were not logged as they should have been so he keeps getting booted out of the classes. Argh!  Consequently we have become very very well versed in the routine of impounding/jail/bail.

Thanks to the money he received in December, he is in a great position to finally get it DONE. So he went to court (for lord knows – maybe the 15th time in 4 years?) today to get re-instated. AGAIN. While there this conversation ensues via text:

Hi mom. All is good. Court sucks though

Ah. that is a rather contradictory message! I’ll focus on the first part 🙂

lol. Waiting in room 1001 takes forever. I should have a VIP pass for this bitch, right?! How many times have I had to sign up for classes?

hahahahahahaha. Seriously, you should be in the frequent flyer line for sure!

(oh, I am so proud)

just got an idea…I could counsel people on impound/30 day holds/dui classes. just helped out a guy here waiting in line and he said I could provide a big service to folks.

Hey, not a bad thought. Add in jail/bail (I could help you fill in some of those details from someone on the outside)

(OK, now I am not so sarcastically thinking that I AM proud that he is trying to think of a way to use *his* unfortunate situations to help others through it)

Yeah. Wonder if it would count for community service. I really should do this.

OK, back to some self serving thought on this (community service for his probation requirements), but, overall..hey..if you have a skill set or inside knowledge of something – no matter whether it will look good on a resume or not – might as well share it with people who would need it right? Something tells me people in that situation would rather here it from someone who has been through it than from some defense attorney who truly has no idea what it’s like.

So, seriously, if you need to know about any of this, let me know. We got it covered. Hopefully you wont, but hey, life happens and you just never know.

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  1. I think it is a good idea, but have no ideas on how to promote that service. I helped counsel alcohol offenders at one point in my career, and many of them would have preferred to talk to someone who had been there.


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