A letter I’d love to send

Dear Customer Service Reps,

It would be really really wonderful if I could call to change my main contact phone number on my account and actually *have* the phone number changed – the first time. Really wonderful. Because, that would save me nearly missing a dr’s appointment that I made three months ago and so was not really on the *top* of my mind. Thankfully Blackberry calendar alerted me, but it was a scramble. And hey, I wouldn’t need to address ALL of you, but it wasn’t just the doctor’s office that failed on the first attempt. Oh no, in the five months since I turned off my home phone and went exclusively to the cell phone, every single account that was notified has messed it up. Every. Single. One. I mean, you are consistent in your incompetency and I suppose that’s impressive in some sad way.

Along the same general issue, updating my c/c info for payments the first time it is requested would also be awesome. You know, so that my account doesn’t fall behind and perhaps even get canceled. Yes, that would be wonderful. Although, there, the rate of failure was a bit better. Of the five places I had to contact, only THREE of you screwed it up.  Which gives me hope. Because there were at least two completely capable people on the other end of the phone line. Maybe we should just promote those two to All Time CSRs. Might seem harsh on them at first, but think how much more smoothly everyone’s lives would go.

Then there is the CSR who doubled down on failure. Didn’t update either piece of information therefore I never *knew* when the old c/c was rejected since they were calling a disconnected number!!


The 100 millionth cranky dissatisfied consumer.

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