Sunday cat blogging

I can’t help it! Amber was being so weird that I had to share. Plus I am a little distracted this weekend with SportsBoy in a baseball tournament (local thank heavens) so I am trying to catch up on yard work and house cleaning between his game schedule and also catch some of the events in DC. Several of my friends are out there and it is really fun getting twitters and pictures and even some video as they catch glimpses of history. It’s making me feel very connected to everything and I love it. Meanwhile, yeah, this is my cat:







7 thoughts on “Sunday cat blogging

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  1. Your cat looks a little like mine!

    That’s what I like about Twitter…the connection. It does connect us to people in other places and really makes us feel a part of the world.


  2. Goodness, I don’t think I’ve really stopped to appreciate just how gorgeous Amber is! Wow! She really is a stunning cat!


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