Blessed rain


One would think from reading here and knowing about my typically busy lifestyle centered on my son’s sports activities that a 4 day block of rain would be most unwelcomed especially over the weekend. However, given the week I’ve had, I said Bring It On!

It was just one of those weeks. A couple of nights with not the best sleep. A couple of nights with my stomach misbehaving (toast! must have plain toast! :-)). Month end at work meaning staying focused no matter what. I stayed home after the worst sleepless night and still ended up working for 4 hours to keep up with the pace. Pop Warner board meeting one night. Sports Boy at his dad’s but I still stay on top of his homework since he is here after school most days. I also still coordinate his baseball practices and the necessary gear. Been on the prowl for properly fitting baseball pants for both Little League and travel ball (different colors for each of course!) along with the right color belts. His new LL coach (did you hear that old time readers – I said NEW LL coach! Huzzah!) is being rather particular about thei”r uniforms so I had to get just the right brand/style/color.Β  One of the other baseball moms has been a godsend recommending a great store for the gear and introducing me to the very nice guy who runs itΒ  who called around to get the right size for me so I think after today I finally got it all together. I texted SportsBoy as I left the store that I got the pants and belts, because, you know, I was excited that it was all DONE. His response? “k”


Sigh…someday he will understand just how much effort I make coordinating between my full time job and the volunteer jobs and all his activities. Wont he? I know. Don’t hold my breath.

But hey, there were highlights this week too.

I think it is majorly cool that Senator Claire McCaskill is on Twitter. And that she tweets like a regular user, not like..well..a Senator!

I am blown away that I have over 300 friends on Face Book. But I am also LOVING it there! I even now have at least two examples of “crossover” friends who I know two different ways so the social circles are intersecting. I found out how to ‘group’ friends which is fun. I love how every day I have a conversation there with someone. This morning I chatted with Bill & Michael before I got going for the day. I have online conversations with literally dozens of friends each day. No way I would be keeping in touch with so many with just the telephone!!

Twitter is the same way for me. For instance, my friend Patti is taking a huge step in her life and has left Connecticut to move in with her boyfriend in Denver. Again, for old time readers, yeah, it is the same guy she met at Yearly Kos in Chicago when she was my room mate. The loss of sleep was SO worth it to see her find an awesome guy who adores her! Anyway, I’ve known where she was every step in her drive because she has sent regular updates. She’s stopping to visit friends along the way who we both know and then I get updates from them as well. Again, no way the phone would work out the same way!

SB is starting off 2nd semester well so far. No missing assignments – yet – which is, I think, a record for him for # of days without a zero πŸ™‚ He also got an 85 on his first math quiz this week proving that he was right about being confident about the chapter they were working on. I’m feeling cautiously optimistic about his chances of success at school.

Trader Joes! I know, probably the last person on the planet (you’ll notice that’s a theme with me) to fall in love with that place, but the thing is, there isn’t one convenient to me! I’m all ABOUT convenience. But recently I did end up places that were close to one so I popped in. The first two times I had SB with me which meant kind of quick trips but it was enough to find things that we all LOVED. Their frozen section? Heaven! Our Super Bowl eats were all from there and it is the perfect source of single serving food for me when he is not here.Β  Today though, I was on my own and could browse. Dangerous. My freezer is now full and I should have enough food for two weeks. I better! I think I will be finding a way to get to TJ’s from now on πŸ˜‰

John and Kate + 8! I saw Kate on Larry King the other night talking about Octo-mom (you know, the mom with the octuplets who already had 6 kids?) and I just loved her right away so I finally caught a couple of episodes tonight and was just laughing like crazy. I love how real they are. And those kids are adorable. I love how one of the boys said “I fall down every day” so matter of factly as he brushed off his pants. Not a whimper. Brushed off his pants and kept on going. Just shrugged it off. “I fall down every day” I think we can all take a lesson from that attitude eh?

Down time – not feeling 100% every night meant some forced down time away from the computer and despite all of my ravings about some fun interaction on the social networking sites, I do need time away from it too. And that forced time helped me see that. So this weekend I am enjoying the rain. The sound of it outside and on my skylight. The fact that it is doing my outside chores for me. That it means no baseball events. So after a lazy morning after a great night of sleep I caught up on some running around chores and then settled in from a couple of hours of reading. Reading words on paper. Not a screen. With a fire in the fireplace. As the rain came down. Heavenly.

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  1. “I fall down everyday.” That is so so cute.

    Never been to a Trader Joe’s (i have to make-do with my costco down the road). I hear both good and bad about them, but, from my general bloggers blogging about Trader Joe’s consensus, it’s the place to go for good, cheap wine. Ohhh, I could so go for a case errr bottle of good, cheap wine right about now.

    Glad you’re enjoying the rain. (whenever you mention rain, i always think of your ‘blame it on the rain’ story…and THANK YOU, now i have that ear worm…::sniff sniff:: i’ll never get back to sleep now)


  2. I used to like Trader Joe’s but around here, it is the most expensive place to get anything. ANYTHING. So I avoid it. I am going there later today to get gift cards for the kids. I have a 27 y/o and an 18 y/o that live in California so I’m sending them gift cards in a Valentine card. I have to send them out tomorrow or they won’t arrive on time.

    I may break down and get a bottle of three buck chuck…which is two buck chuck in California but three bucks for the exact same thing up here. But maybe I’ll get a bottle.


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