So called ‘liberal’ media.

I’ve been through lots of debate over the last few years on media balance/bias. Some people point to the commentary or ‘spin’  by hosts found in certain networks as an indication of bias. Some like to point to studies on who watches which networks along political party lines. I’ve been more interested in something more black and white. Which political party is more strongly represented on the networks? Because that is more easily identifiable – was the congressperson an R or a D? No gray area 🙂

A study done during the last presidential term showed a heavy skewing towards his party across all networks (not just one he one you would suspect). The excuse given by all the heads of those networks was that they were the party in power so it was only natural that they received more air time. Ok, fine. So how have things been looking over the last two weeks?



Ok, network big wigs – what’s the excuse now?

(source for both graphs is here)

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