Is there some holiday this weekend?



OK, I kid a little. My Sweet Prince has done an excellent job over the years with this holiday. Roses (both live plants and the cut flowers), jewelry, teddy bears – all very lovely things. But by and large I do tend to look at this as a huge gretting card industry endeavor. Because couples should do thoughtful things for each more frequently than once a year for sure.

The real pressure though, is the dinner out. No matter what day of the week it falls on, finding a restaurant to celebrate is something you better have though of in January. Otherwise you wont be having dinner until after 9pm – I know this from experience 😉 But this year it is a Sat night. Prime dinner out night as it is. Since I am really not all that wrapped up in this particular holiday, I was happy to give SP a rain check on the dinner scene. I would much rather spend a quiet, slow dinner at a nice restaurant two weeks from now than the rushed affair that will be tomorrow night as every place tries to maximize seating and turn around. Thank you, no. And if you have kids, how the devil do you find a babysitter for a Sat night V-day?

So what will I really be doing tomorrow night? Well, weather permitting, SportsBoy and I will be up in LA for a baseball tournament. His last game of the day should end around 6:30 or so. Meaning that 12 families will be heading out at prime dinner time to find a place to eat. On a Sat night. Which is Valentines Day. I’m thinking that the fast food craving I had earlier this week will be satisfied! I mean, where else are we all going to go?

And I do have to say that if I cannot have a nice, quiet, romantic dinner with SP, then spending it with SB and the baseball families is probably the next best thing right now 🙂

So what are all of you doing? Will it meet the standards of romance that everyone thinks it will be? Or will your night be a little more reality based like mine?

Oh, and lest you think I am too cynical to enjoy the holiday – this was delivered to me earlier as a bit of a bribe for some work that was dropped off with it . Heck yeah,  I am always happy to partake in the special treat part of the day!


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  1. I will most likely be at home working on découpage projects while McDoc is on overnight call! 😦 But that’s okay — I agree with you about opting out of the restaurant competition. We’re planning to have a cozy, romantic meal at home on Sunday evening. 🙂


  2. I’ll be alone. Probably tune into a movie. I have Nights In Rodanthe coming from Netflix today so maybe I’ll save that for tomorrow. But I have tons of movies I can pop in. I cannot remember a year when I did anything special. Not since high school.


  3. “But by and large I do tend to look at this as a huge greeting card industry endeavor. ”

    Thank You! The wife and I argue this point every year. (we like to argue) Of course both of our arguments have valid points but its fun to see my side coming from a female perspective.


  4. 8 years ago my son was born on Valentines Day. Since then it is a day about him, which is fine for me. So the holiday I am celebrating is not Valentines Day or President’s Day, it is my son’s birthday!


  5. We went out for dinner tonight. We never make much of a deal about Valentine’s Day. So, tomorrow we’ll exchange cards. And then AG will do a training run, we’ll go to Soccer Boy’s double header basketball game, and then run DD1 to her volunteer shift. It’s exciting, I tell you!


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