Don’t worry, I still love you all

I’m just not in a writing frame of mind. At least not for anything decent. The things I’ve observed that I *want* to write about will take too much prep time at the moment that I just don’t have.

Adam Lambert is still, and will remain, MY American Idol for 2009. Can they jsut get him in the studio already?

LL Cardinals need just tomrorow’s game to clinch the first half.

There are some trailing poor assignment grades from prior to implementing The Plan since some necessary work was lost, BUT, there is also progress. Big opportunities to pull grades up this week and next. I need to remember that his grades are..well..HIS grades and not get that sinking feeling in the pit of MY gut when I see those RED boxes and Cs and Ds!

The new Indigo Girls CD is awesome. They are back in fine form. Has it really been 20 years since I started listening to them?? Wow.

2 thoughts on “Don’t worry, I still love you all

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  1. It’s easy to feel that kick in the gut when we see their poor grades. Yes, they are their grades but it still hurts us because of the potential to harm their future. So yeah, I get it.

    Take care. Do what you need to do.


  2. I was at Emory at the same time as the IG. They used to play dorm mixers, etc. so I heard them frequently. Somewhere there’s a $50 check I signed for them to play at a Panhellenic picnic.

    I haven’t gotten the new CD yet, though.


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