Last year I posted a theory that we are all pretty much immersed in the ADD way of living thanks in large part to the internet (and having too many bazillion channels on TV). Given the recent explosion in Facebook and Twitter activity/friends, it’s really only become worse since that post.

Well, one of the reasons I am posting here a little less often is because I am trying to reign in the ADD. I am trying to FOCUS again. It’s not easy! I takes a very concsious effort to CLOSE the laptop in front of the tv when a show comes on that I really want to watch. A nice side effect of that is that I am more apt to get stepping on the Wii fit while watching instead. No, that is not quite an ADD thing as my attention is still really on the TV show. It’s very repetitive/rhythmic stepping so doesn’t take a ton of brain power. At least, lots less than continuing to surf the ‘net while “watching”! If I decide that I *want* to fiddle around on the computer, then I must turn the TV off. If I have a set task, I must stick to it before I can check any of the social media sites (including other folks blogs – I felt horrible how I was skimming those!) ONE THING AT A TIME! That also means that rather than spilling out 4 lines of crap here because I feel guilty, I will actually set aside TIME to write a post because I WANT to. Like this one. Which was my planed afternoon break from work today 🙂

Of course, I would have been a lot easy to wake up with this new found FOCUS goal if a) I had actually slept all night vs waking up at 2:30 and never falling back asleep. and b)


if AT&T service had not completely bombed out Sunday night thanks to a cell phone tower crapping out – when you have ONLY cell phones that gets a little creepy. What was worse is that AT&T’s web site is USELESS! One would think that a large cell phone provider like that would KNOW how many folks have ditched their land lines and also KNOW that the internet is going to be their only means of seeing what is up with service. So, like the cable company, one would THINK there would be a place where they would post a notice of a known outtage right? But NOOOO. I have to start emailing other friends who have AT&T to see if THEY were down.  Everyone was having intermitent issues. Then this morning it was still out and there is still no word on their web page and I don’t like that Sportsboy cannot call out so I call tech support when I get to work and finally find out that YES, a major tower was down. Argh. It’s all back up now, but really, c’mon AT&T! Get your website up to speed with something customers actually NEED!

Oh, and thanks to Twitter after I got off the phone with tech support I thought to search there and found running conversations about the outtage though no one (for some odd reason) had bothered to call AT&T directly! So I twittered for about 10-15 minutes sending out the word and replying to some posting questions. Stopped a few people from making the trip to one of the stores at any rate. Which just shows you when Twitter addiction comes in VERY handy!

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  1. I should take a page out of your book. T.v.’s on now, I have twitter in another window.

    btw. Been trying to add you to follow, but… it keeps putting me back on your site? I’ll try again today.


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