Almost two years ago I shared how my brain works in terms of viewing the way each year goes in my own version of ‘seasons’. So now I am going to share another weird corner of my brain ( as if there are any non-weird ones eh?)

In case you hadn’t noticed, I tend to ‘redecorate’ a lot. I used to actually do it in my house quite often. But, that has stopped because, well, heck I barely have time to keep it passably clean so there’s no chance I can switch out candle and knic knac themes every month! However, I do associate a color with each month. That was kind of born years ago at work as we used colored folders to organize files. It’s pretty much bled into my daily life too. I express it mostly on my computer by changing the main color theme. So what color is April? Why, purple of course!


I know you are dying to know the other months so here they are:

January – Sapphire Blue with wintery accents – lots of snow scene pictures for my background

February – Yellow – threw you there huh? You thought pink didn’t ya? Nah. Yellow over-rode the whole Valentine’s Day pink and red thing. Why? Because here in San Diego the dominant flower color in February is yellow.  It’s the first sign of warmer weather coming. Not that we have any real cold or winter or even *weather*, but hey! It’s a sign!

March – Green – new growth, new leaves, new flowers. Oh yeah, and St Patrick’s Day!

April – Purple as previously mentioned. Lots of lavendar fields and irisis and jacaranda.

May -Oddly, the only one without a clear color. This is my wild card month. Mood dependent. Could remain with purple and mix in some turquoise blue. Could slide in some yellow with the purple. Maybe go totally off the board back to a lighter shade of green than I used in March. It’s the toss up.

June – Orange – I’ll use lots of summery sunsets as my background as we ease into summer and the sun starts to dominate the feel of the days.

July – Red – you know, Red White and Blue. I’ll find fireworks pictures and apple pie and baseball scenes. More beach sunsets. Summertime fun!

August – Yellow – I honestly cannot remember why other than the summer months in my mind needed to be orange/red/yellow and that’s what was left in the rotation. There will be hints of deep red though. Falcon red since football practice starts. Well at least this year! Waaaaah….his last season before high school. (help!)

September – Midnight Blue – you know that deep blue you see in the sky at the end of a long summer day? The sky is totally clear and sparkling with stars. Most likely a Santa Ana wind has blown through and the night air is quite warm. Yeah, *that’s* September.

October – Fall collage orange/purple – The next three are pretty obvious right? Halloween images on my computer background and deep, rich, earthy fall colors surround. I actually WILL get off my butt and decorate the house.

November – More fall orange/burgundy – toss out the jack o lantern and ghosts and mix in some fall foliage scenes.

December – Red and green of course! Yeah, no brainer. Luckily there are a lot of cool holiday themes for Firefox and Yahoo and such making the computer decorating quite easy and fun.

And now I must go find a pretty purple theme for Firefox for the month of April.

And I know. I have just proven that I am an April Fool 🙂

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  1. Have you ever been in an accident ? Everything seems to go into S l ooo w motion. I have been researching what causes the brain to see things in that slow mototion. If anyone can help me by your thoughts I would be greatful.


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