The Little League Team that could (sorta)


(Note: do not do an image search on ‘injuries’ unless you are fan of gross pics – EWWW)

SportsBoy’s LL team started out strong, winnign the first half of the regular season with a game to spare and earning a spot in the post season playoff which began this week. Unfortunately, the second half of the regular season has not gone as well. The bats died. Then the injury bug took a huge bite out the team. Thanks to an ankle rolling last week, they were down to 9 active players for Game 1 of the playoffs Tuesday night. 2 of the 4 co-captains (SB is one) were out. The parents were joking as we looked at a dugout with foot boots and arms casts that our team should have been sponsored by an orthopedic practice! These injuries are what has put SB on the mound and also given the chance to catch. The latter part he loves, the former? Well, he loves it but is not quite as good at it 😉 The other problem is with he and the other captain relegated to pitching and/or catching, that leaves the less experienced kids as fielders. And..well..they are less experienced! Now, even totally healthy, they are playing a much better team, no doubt. Still, they could win a game here and there in a series (I think), but only full strength. Tuesday night they lost 9-3 and as the coach said, only 3 of the runs given up were earned (3 home runs). But, that’s the challenge – they have a much higher number of sluggers on their team than any other line up by far. And their pitching is so deep. Still, I was impressed with our team’s heart. Nine players, and then part way through one of our three pitchers tweaks his knee running out a ground ball! We were staring at a forfeit at that point and I know the team would rather lose out right than have to give up. Well, he was crying, and the umpire and opponents kindly gave him time to settle down, but darn it he buckled down and went abck out on the mound for another inning. Way to go!

Tonight we get one of the injured captains back (we hope).  Maybe they can pull off one vicotry against this team? They’ve lost all three regular season and now the 1st playoff game. If they want to play on Saturday, they have to win tonight. If not, well, they are sure learning about teamwork and stepping into new roles when the team needs it! Character building, right?

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