Another one bites the dust

It’s an odd thing when someone frays your last nerve.

It takes a lot for that happen to me.

You see, I am an optimist by nature. Power Of Positive Thinking (POPT) and all that. Now, I am not unrealistically so. Not Pollyanna. It’s just that my way of dealing with life is to think of the glass as half full. I’m hopeful. I’ll think about the worst case scenario just to address it as a possibility and figure out how I would deal with it, but then I walk back to a position of optimism and focus on a positive solution to whatever the issue may be. As such, my first impression of most anyone is usually that I will like you. It’s a VERY rare time when I don’t like someone on sight. I’m also very forgiving. I’ve been accused of  ‘making excuses’ for people in the past. Sure, I see that, but I believe we should all be given chances ya know? It’s really truly a rare thing when one human being, in the average life, does anything truly unforgivable to another. Really. On the whole, you are not going to encounter pure evil. Also on the whole, people may do unkind things to each other, but again, rarely is it pre meditated. Most likely in the course of going about your day you will rub someone the wrong way or step on someone’s toes and should that be brought to your attention before you figure it out, you will feel remorse and perhaps make amends. That is just my overall, high majority experience with people. So, I am not black and white all or nothing, you’re with me or against me, ya know? I’ll find something to like about you when I first meet you, I’ll focus on those positives and I’ll forgive your transgressions for the most part, especially if you show a capacity for learning and growing. Oh, and an open mind will get you close to my heart pretty quickly.

Though I do get actually more riled up if you transgress against a friend of mine vs against me. I’ve also been called loyal to a fault 🙂

So there ya go. A recipe for the dog house. Repeated offenses against me with double point value if friends are hurt. An incapacity to learn and a mind closed like a steel trap. If I really think about it, I think I can count 4 people who made their way there in my life. That’s not bad really. But it really does take a LOT for me to write someone off.

And now there are five.

See ya!

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