It’s a Hard Knock Life!


Tonight SportsBoy and I took a trip down memory lane to his elementary school. You might remember last year when his then 6th grade class put on The Sound of Music as their play. The 6th grade play is a fantastic tradition at this school that all the kids look forward to as they progress through the grades. Since SB is good friends many of the kids from this year’s 6th grade group there thanks to football and baseball it was a given that we would go back to see this year’s production. One of his buddies is like SB and it was a given that he would try out because the lure of the stage and being a ham is as much a part of their personalities as is playing sports ūüôā Not surprisingly, our #51 from baseball fame won the role as Daddy Warbucks and will see him performing that on Friday. They split the casts up and our remaining friends were on stage tonight.

¬†This 6th grade play brings out the ham in kids you would NEVER guess would try out!¬† I guess because they watch kids older than them who they look up to year after year go up on that stage and just have a blast. Tonight, 2 of those kids who are good friends of ours took to the stage with pretty prominent and damn funny roles. Seriously, I would have put down money that there was NO WAY our football coaches oldest son would go NEAR this! Sure, he’d maybe pull the curtains or run the lights, but perform? Heck no! Yet, there he was tonight, playing the the role of Rooster – aka, Mr Muuuudge. You need to say¬†it like¬†that you know. Drag out the uuuuu as you lower your voice.Given that not only SB, but also Muudge’s younger brother and two other football teammates were in attendance? Oh yeah, his name is Muuudge! Oh, but he was GOOD! He sang and danced and just had me giggling like crazy.

Then there was another baseball buddy who played radio announcer Bert Healey. And oh did he PLAY it! He had to sing “You’re Never¬†Fully Dressed Without a Smile” and also dance and truly BE a spotlight hogger. Again, as SB would tell you – this is a kid who you have to almost *force* to smile. He’s not morose mind you, just a very quiet, mellow kid in public. Well, then he is a heckava great actor because he was just the opposite tonight and I really busted out laughing as did the entire audience because many of us knew how out of character that was for him.

Truly entertaining for sure! I cannot wait to see the other cast do this again on Friday.

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  1. The community theater lover in me agrees with you wholeheartedly. Sometimes magic happens onstage with folks you would not imagine had it in them.


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