Vin Scully. Voice of the……Yankees??? Noooooo!!

First, go read this jewel of a blog post by Keith Olbermann on his baseball blog. Go ahead. No politics at all, I promise! Keith writes about his real passion – baseball – over at the MLB blog site and I love reading his stories. This one though – well, it hit me like a ton of bricks!

The gist of the story is that Vin Scully was offered the job as Yankees announcer in 1964, but since the Dodgers had been here on the west coast for 7 years and the Scully family was well settled here, he turned it down. But, had the offer come sooner after the Dodger move when Vinnie was still pining away for New York? Yeah, he would have gone back.

Now, Keith then wondered about the things that would have been different – from the New Yorker’s perspective. But as I posted in my comment – I have a view from the Dodger fan’s perspective!

Would I have spent my evenings with my ear against the console radio/phonograph listening to the crackling in and out signal as Vin Scully told me my nightly baseball bedtime story as it unfolded?

Would I forever have engraved in my heart and mind “Well, hi everybody and a very pleasant good evening to you wherever you may be.”

Would I have even fallen for the game as much without him?

I don’t know.

I just know that my childhood would have been missing something magical without him which is why, selfishly, the thought of him being anywhere but LA just does Not Sit Right.

Thanks for sharing the glimpse into Vin Scully’s history Keith, but stop with the nightmare inducing tales ok?

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