Fitness weekend


SB snapped the picture too soon but the battery was running out so I’m sucking up and posting this icky one. Post 5k walk just now. Which seems pretty short after doing a few 3-days and doing a few 5 mile walks just for fun this year, but it was my first ‘event’ walk in a couple of years. Nice, level route mostly too which is rare around here! It was fun participating with a gals who all work out together. We still did our circuit training Sat morning, just eased off the leg work so that we were fresh for today. Which means we really hit the arms heavy – ow! No, that Aflac duck in my right hand is not all that heavy…just the early shutterbug and that my right shoulder kinda hurts! But, I successfully used 15lb hand weights yesterday! After just 5 classes and then upping the weights I use at home to 10lbs. Not bad considering I could barely lift the 12lb weights the first class.

And now I can relax…you know..clean the house, do laundry, groceries, help SB study for his science final. Sure. Relax.

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