This and that and a little Adam Lambert

What? You thought I could go two posts without saying the “A” word? Well, it’s not my fault!

Remember my kid who got all tied up in knots when I was hyper-ventillating every Tuesday night? The one who called me ‘obsessed’ and rolled his eyes and groaned and moaned and yelled in protest ” NO NO NO NO NO” when I downloaded Mad World as my ring tone? Yes, that kid. Well, that little turd has now taken to *requesting* the Adam CD that I made from all of the itunes downloads when we are in the car. And..get this…SINGING ALONG!! He walks around the house singing Black or White and Born to Be Wild. Seems I wore him down.

Then there’s the third generation in the family. My mom was so curious after reading all my posts that she finally made sure to watch the last week and found herself bitten with the Lambert bug. Apparently she quite enjoyed my last post with all the links to awesome Adam sites. Particularly the one with all the videos. Only, seeing as how she is not quite as internet savvy as some of us youngsters, she was having a little trouble surfing to the site and called me this morning to get a quick tutorial on getting there and picking which video to play. Why was she doing that? Why, to show her visiting from out of town girlfriend of course! Because what would two young at heart 70 something gals be doing together but huddling around the computer to watch videos of the latest/hotest young stud singer!!

So don’t blame me for all the AL posts. I’ve got multiple generations demanding it 🙂


So you know how I was going to ‘relax’ yesterday after the walk? My plan after throwing in the laundry was to turn on the Padres game and doze off peacefully to the sounds of a ballgame (my favorite thing to do on a Sunday summer afternoon). Well, the best laid plans and all that…as I finished watering the backyard just before my planned nap, I get a call from MusicMan with the offer of free tickets to go to the game in question courtesy of one of his friends. Apparently this guy’s employer has season tickets which he gives away to customers/clients etc but that als occasionally end up with the employees. 6 seats. Right. Behind.Home.Plate.

Tony Gwynn Jr in the on deck circle
Tony Gwynn Jr in the on deck circle
Little T at bat. Yes, we were this close!
Little T at bat. Yes, we were this close!
Home run leader Adrian Gonzalez.
Home run leader Adrian Gonzalez.

We got there late and wished for extra innings so that we could enjoy as much time as possible in those seats. Team down 6-1 in bottom of the 9th and it wasn’t looking good. Then they hit. And hit. And hit. and suddenly it’s 6-3 with one out and the tying run at the plate and what does he (pinch hitter David Exckstein) do? Swats the first pitch into the Western Metal building balcony for a 3 run home run to tie the game! We went NUTS. We had our extra innings! So, we stayed through the 13th, then finally had to give up and head home. Where we watched another 5 innings on TV until they finally ran out of pitchers quite literally and had to put the backup shortstop in to pitch. Hey, hegot two outs! But, then he gave up a 3 run home run an the Padres lost 9-6 in 18 innings. What a game!

Loudest nap I ever enjoyed 🙂

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