Fair day video and pictures

Our favorite ride as you will hear me explaining in the background 🙂


Check out this stomach tumbling nonsense. They went on this ride a couple of times.


Oh yeah, and check out that dangling shoe lace on my kid. Yeah, he’s almost 13 and stil cannot get a grip on his laces!




And yes I know these shots of gorgeous blue skies belie my nearly daily whining on Twitter about Mother Nature holding back on us with the summer weather – BUT – seriously it is still quite cold even with the sun making occasional appearances last week. The breeze from the ocean is either still bitingly cold, or else the sun is just not cutting through enough to make it clear cut shorts and tank top weather yet.

And yeah, sometime in August or September when I am bitching about it being too hot – go ahead and give me the “remember June?!” smack down.

One thought on “Fair day video and pictures

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  1. There’s a ride like the one in your video at a theme park near me, here in England. 🙂 When you’re on it, it feels like you’re flying.

    Wonderful pictures – very effective against the perfect sky.


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