Summer project – surprise pictures

This weekend a dear friend from DailyKos sent me an email letting me know he had enjoyed my post on the hike that SportsBoy and I took. Of course he enjoyed it – I took him on the same hike when he was out here to visit last year! More than that though, Eddie C loves pictures and happy stories. He’s been the most recent host of a long running series on the blog called Got a Happy Story? Started on Friday nights back in 2005 the hosting duties have changed hands over the years and it’s also switched to Monday nights but the theme is the same – let’s spread some cheer. Give that the blog is largely rather deeply political – and back in 2005 was mired in the depression of another 4 years of Bush – we needed a place to go to exchange stories of a brighter nature 🙂 Well, Eddie is (quite thankfully) inundated with work this summer and in need to guest hosts and he very sweetly asked me to host one week. So, before I could scare myself out of it, I said yes. Then I promptly freaked out to one of my other Kos friends since I’ve written a grand total of 3 diaries in 4 years there!! Aaaaaaacccckkkk!!!

Still, in the spirit of adventure that try to embrace during the summer weeks while the boy is gone, this is a fun assignment. So I wisely chose the Monday after the 4th of July weekend to give me time to come up with something good. Eddie had loved the photos from the hike and suggested something about the Torrey Pines trails and flaura and fauna and bird life. I’m still pondering the gist of the diary, though I think I will highlight a particular day on the trail that was rather spectacular. Of course, I have no pictures from that day, but, I decided to dig around to find a series of pictures showing SB on the trails. Growing up on them specifically. Looking for prior photos tonight, I remembered the stack of photo CD’s from the pre-digital camera days.


So I shall share with you some flashbacks. Just a sneak peak tonight as I just finished downloading the first 5 discs. There’s about 9 more and my whole body is stiff from last night’s work out so I want to lie down, but check out these cutie pies:

Music Man and Sports Boy Jan 2002
Music Man and Sports Boy Jan 2002
Sweet Prince and Sports Boy Feb 2004
Sweet Prince and Sports Boy Oct 2003
August Moms Baltimore - Oct 2003
August Moms Baltimore - Oct 2003

There’s your tease – back with more over the coming days!

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