Almost here

72 hours

In that time I will work for at least 27 hours.

I already spent an hour cleaning the house and doing laundry tonight (my one night at home).

I’ll spend a couple of hours tomorrow night with Jill hiking at Cowles mtn after work. (Yes, AFTER work since it will be hot!)

I’ll spend a couple of hours Thursday night having dinner with my new friend Jan who I met at the American Idol concert (She’s the one who convinced me to stay to get an autograph and then gave me a picture for Adam to sign). Jan and I started talking that night and have not really stopped – emails have been flying and I look forward to spending an evening filling in more details about the life of my fellow Adam fan. I wonder if he knows how many moms he has across the world now? 🙂

I’ll hopefully sleep for 24 of those hours, but more likely it will be 20-21.

I’ll spend the next to the last hour on Friday at 5pm having a face peel done by another baseball mom so we will catch up on the summer while my skin is pampered.



I will get the call that from Sportsboy that he has landed and is on his way to my house.

So how long do you think these next 72 hours will seem???

2 thoughts on “Almost here

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    1. hahaha – she’s an estetician so it’s a facial with a glycolic peel – which I shorten to ‘face peel’ 🙂

      And it’s going fine, thanks. Luckily with my schedule being so packed it is managing to move the time along nicely.


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