Murphy’s Law

When it’s quiet in the house (such as the last 6 weeks) – you seek out things to do and people to visit because you want the time to pass quickly – and heck – you can get your quiet anytime right? Suuure.

When it’s a combination month end/year end time at work (August is unique that way as we are still closing out the old year and then suddenly have to prepare month end for the first month of the new year and…aack), when you make sure that all football gear is by the front door before you leave for work so that it is ready for the boy when he is picked up for practice, when you head straight from a hectic day at work to the AT&T store to get your long-awaited iphone, spend an hour there, scramble home for a quick 20mins getting to know your phone and setting it up for just the basic needs (email, contacts, calendar, twitter, facebook – what? those are NEEDS!) then fly out to first day of football practice for the annual parents meeting. When you arrive at practice to find a gate locked meaning you then have to hike up a very steep hillside and step over a broken fence to get TO the field (still in work shoes mind you) which then means when the very long meeting is over you have to make the reverse trek back in the dark. When it is then after 8pm and you have to run to Subway to get dinner meaning you don’t arrive at home for good until 8:30…

and all you want to do to unwind is sit down & relax and watch Countdown on your dvr…

THAT is when SweetPrince will come over, when MusicMan will decide to come out to the dining room to eat his sandwich with SportsBoy. When all three of them will start yapping with each other firing quesitons off to you about your new iphone and all manner of other topics…

THAT is when you wonder what happened to those 6 weeks of quiet?!

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