Back in the saddle again

Strap yourself in. Sit down. Hang on. Here we go again.


There is a teenager in my house again. A newly minted one. A much different one from the first one to be sure. For instance, the first one actually started out as a quite a good driver. In fact, he IS…as long as he is sober (ahem) and actually can legally drive ;-)…but I digress.

We are starting it somewhat similarly. His gift is concert tickets. I took his brother to see Aerosmith. I’m taking him to see AC/DC. Gotta love these kids who love bands from MY era!

I am VERY sure that this teen is going to have to peel me off the roof as indicated above when he starts driving. Because he is waaay more reckless and unaware of his surroundings than the first one. He’s a no guts, no glory kind of dude. I think he will carry more attitude too. Less angst, but more defiance. I think he’ll get the hang of school better than his older brother and end up doing quite well in the end. But in between I think he is going to give me more gray hairs over everyday issues.

Or maybe not.

That’s the thing.

It’s an all new adventure with this one.

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