Quickie DC report

I’m sitting in the hotel restaurant having lunch as I wait for my airport shuttle. Last one here. It’s been the usual weekend of wonderful company with tons of laughter (gobs really), counselling, great food and sightseeing. Here’s the few photos I took with my phone that I can post right away. The rest, and there are a lot, will have to wait until later this week when I can get them off my camera. It’s been so liberating NOT having the laptop!!
We had to leave cameras behind on White House tours so here’s a few from the North lawn as we exited the grounds on Sat and then a Capitol shot and the Washington monument from yesterday.

2 thoughts on “Quickie DC report

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  1. cool. I was in DC this weekend, too, but my “sightseeing” was confined to George Washington University. though we did get to see the monuments from the taxi on the way back to the airport. glad you had a good time, it’s a great city.


  2. So cool…you and I have a certain overlap in Moms groups…so much fun to watch…I have similar photos from similar get-togethers…yours make me smile…


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